IFS is the leader is customizing and finishing single family homes.

With a wide background and long history, IFS has proven their commitment to customized home interiors.  With their dedication to providing custom textures and customized finishes, your home is sure to be functionally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Custom home finishing and detailing

High end drywall and plaster techniques give homes a clean and smooth finish.  IFS can handle custom staircases, ceiling, vaulted room, etc.  Keep the nonvisible functionality and the end result in mind, IFS creates rooms that make a house truly feel like home.

High quality framing and drywall

Keeping up with all the latest products and techniques, IFS provides the highest quality drywall services found in the building industry today.

Experienced Professionals that answer any questions

Our team is experienced and prepared to handle any design or project.  They make sure the project gets finished on time and are there to address any concerns or issues that might be present.

Soundproofing and acoustical sealant

Oftentimes in customized homes, soundproofing is necessary for things like small music studios or home theatres.  Our experienced team specializes in soundproofing rooms that could cause noise issues.