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Interior Finishing Systems can help you in the pre-construction phase to minimize risk and develop stategies to provide maximum value.

Budget / Conceptual Estimation

Interior Finishing Systems can help establish preliminary budgets for your project. The cost estimates that are provided early in the project can help to ensure the project is designed to stay on budget.

Value Engineering

We stay on top of current changes in material and can advise on alternative options that are more cost efficient to complete your project without sacrificing the quality. We can also advise on unnecessary features or systems that can decrease the cost and life cycle of the project.

Schedule Development

Creating and maintaining a schedule is a key to the success of your project. At IFS our experience can provide you valuable input for the development of the project schedule. We can help arrange the individual tasks and assign them feasible work durations.

Project Design

If the plans are not complete, we can help you with finding the most economical methods to achieve your desired project design.  By staying current with the latest products we can help identify optional ways of building an assembly and help you select the one that best suits your project needs.