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Multi Family housing has never been more comfortable or beautiful than with IFS services.

Living in multi family housing often presents sound issues and haphazard visual work. IFS is dedicated to eliminating these common issues to provide the residents of multi family homes with beautiful aesthetics and soundproofing.

High quality sound proofing and insulation

Multi family residents shouldn't have to deal with the sounds and noises emitted from their neighbors.  IFS provides quality soundproofing and acoustical sealants that drown out noise.  

Beautiful interior finishings

IFS maintains their consistant high quality throughout all the structures they produce.  Their finishes for multi family homes posess the same quality and beauty as those from their commercial and single family projects.  

Efficient and time managed project design

Our experienced professionals are dedicated to delivering projects in a timely manner.  They work with the client to ensure all the client's needs are being met. 

Affordable options and design

IFS has commited itself to providing high quality services with high grade products to all their projects.  No matter what the design or finish is, they offer affordable prices and great customer communication.